Verizon Will Skip Revamped Microsoft Mobile OS Launch — UPDATED

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Sep 17, 2010 
Gavin Dunaway  |

microsoft_small.jpgADOTAS – Update, Friday 12:20 p.m.: A source tells Silicon Alley Insider that Microsoft decided months ago, after the Kin debacle, that it wouldn’t go with Verizon as a launch partner for the Windows Phone 7. I’m guessing there’s some bad, bad blood there….

Hey, let’s add a little insult to the injury Microsoft felt with the failure of the Kin earlier this year: apparently Verizon is not planning on selling a Windows Phone 7 when it launches this year.

A Verizon spokeswoman told Bloomberg Businessweek that the biggest carrier in the U.S. won’t have any Microsoft-powered phones until 2011, even though the updated OS is launching during the 2010 holiday season. Verizon infamously kicked Microsoft’s Kin to the curb earlier this year after two months of lethargic sales.

“Together with our hardware and mobile operator partners, we look forward to bringing Window Phone 7 to market this holiday,” said Microsoft Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan in a statement. “Verizon continues to be a key Windows Phone partner going forward.”

In effect, Microsoft has decided to delay CDMA Windows Phone 7 handsets until 2011, meaning that the U.S. launch of the revamped OS will be limited to GSM carriers AT&T and T-Mobile.

According to comScore, Microsoft’s OS share of smartphones decreased from 14% to 11.8% from April to July.

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