Tags Ain’t Sexy, But They Are Serious


tagADOTAS – I ran into Chris Brinkworth, CMO of TagMan, yesterday at a Mediamind event (more on Monday), who lamented that there’s nothing sexy about his field. A friend of his does social media marketing and agency eyes light up at the very mention of Facebook; however, when Chris says he’s involved in advertising tag management, those same eyes simply glaze over.

Though they may lack allure, tags are a big deal, especially when 36% digital marketers surveyed by TagMan have witnessed tags “break” a page or a whole site. On average, the 100 marketing organizations queried each spend $10 million of technology and services that require tags.

Pretty much all the companies TagMan spoke to have dealt with tag difficulties around implementation and management, with 28% moaning that they had lost website sales due to difficulties with implementation. Thirty-one percent cited losing site traffic due to tag issues. Even more frustrating, more than half said the tagging was out marketers’ control.

It just gets more depressing — tag troubles caused:

  • 65% to lose campaign performance data
  • 58% to delay the use of a new technology
  • 37% to forgo new technology
  • 19% give up on a new campaign

TagMan found that 40% of those surveyed spend more than one day a month implementing tags. Pray for the poor soul who has to drudge through that….


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