Qoof Brings Video Apps to Brightcove


video_smallADOTAS – Outside the OMMA conference yesterday, an industry player and I were joking about whether the term “interactive pre-roll” was an oxymoron. But transforming an online video or rich media ad from a simple-functioning widget into a truly interactive app — now there was an idea whose time had come.

Which is why my ears perked up when Qoof launched its interactive in-video advertising app platform (geez, that’s a mouthful) last month, a solution that basically turns video and rich media ads into apps. Once CEO Jonathan Stefansky walked me through a demo, I was completely sold.

Without pausing the video or taking the user away from the current experience, menus within the video ad offer viewers access to additional advertiser content such as photos, product schematics and customer reviews. Its also enables sharing through social networks, email and even Skype.

Etailers can add shopping functions for advertised products. Menu placement, background themes and all other options are easily customizable and an open API makes integration with most video players.

Qoof has just partnered with Brightcove to enable the users of its online video platform to turn their video ads into apps and access Qoof’s analytics. Stefansky took a minute to give Adotas some more details on the deal.

ADOTAS: What’s most advantageous about this partnership for Qoof advertisers?

Stefansky: It gives them a fast and easy way to use the Brightcove and Qoof platform together as they can distribute via Brightcove after quickly creating interactive videos on Qoof. It also allows existing Brightcove clients a simple ease to use way to monetize their videos by making them interactive without having to make any changes to their existing website infrastructure. That is, they can leverage their existing Brightcove implementation and add this layer of interactivity on top of those players.

What other kinds of partnerships are you examining for further expansion?

We will be announcing partnership from companies across the video ecosystem that want to provide interactive capabilities to videos and other types of rich media. This includes ad networks that want to give advertisers the capability of turning video ads into interactive ads, other player companies, Web video hosting sites and third party vendors that want to add apps to the Qoof platform so that their services, such as a shopping cart or chat box, are accessible from within videos that use Qoof.

Any hints on what additional features Qoof would like to offer?

Qoof will be making an announcement shortly for a platform enhancement that makes it very easy for anyone to add their own app into the Qoof platform.


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