PubMatic Shines Spotlight on Third-Party Data Snatchers


armor.jpgADOTAS – My roommate had “The Deadliest Catch” on the other night, and as I watched burly fisherman pull in giant cages filled with humongous fish, I not only had an uncontrollable desire for sushi but also saw an apt metaphor. All that lovely audience data is just swimming around the web, waiting to be scooped up in buckets, repackaged and sold to targeting advertisers.

But hold on, hold on — whose data is that? One could say the fish belong to the mighty Poseidon, but publishers will tell you audience data is their sovereign — and sell-side platform and revenue optimizer PubMatic has launched its Data Firewall to protect those publisher waters.

The new service lets publishers see which third-party companies are tracking audiences through cookies and pixels, allowing them to discover data leakage — when third parties track an audience without the publishers’ knowledge, an issue that costs them as much as $1 billion annually, according to Pubmatic. In addition, the firewall enables publishers to see which third parties are bringing them back the most revenue, which comes in quite handy when evaluating a partnership.

The Data Firewall is part of the consolidated dashboard in PubMatic’s Premier Platform. As CEO and cofounder Rajeev Goel summed it up, “Privacy is not only important to consumers, but it is also of paramount importance to publishers.”


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