Nokia Grabs Microsoft Guru For CEO


ADOTAS – Nokia is feeling the pressure. Apple came into the cellphone maker’s game with a secret weapon and no one can get enough of it. The iPhone has become ubiquitous with the Internet itself. It is a game changer that no one will be able to remember surviving without in five more years. Hell, in five more minutes. “How did I ever survive without my yelp app or my Oregon trail app or my rainmaker app? I must’ve eaten dirt, stared at the wall and counted sheep….” I kid.

To give the company a new competitive direction, Nokia has hired Stephen Elop, a Canadian Microsoft executive to replace current CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasuvo. The transition will happen on September 21. Shares in the company rose about 6.9% upon the announcement. Kallasuvo will receive a 4.6 million euro severance.

This is the first non-Finn to run the company and will hopefully bring a fresh perspective on tackling the disparity between Nokia’s models and the two current dominating smartphones. Elop will be in charge of a firm that has 124,000 employees and 41 billion euros in sales worldwide.


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