Mobile Is Still About Reach


stretch_smallADOTAS – You’re a media planner or media buyer and you hear that Quattro Wireless/Apple will no longer service business outside of Apple’s closed iOS platform.

You say that’s great news if your target audience uses Apple products. If not, what are you to do?

Apple’s decision to support ads exclusively for the iAd Network has left many advertisers hunting for a cross platform solution, one that allows brands and agencies to reach any mobile user on any device via any mobile advertising channel.

What these advertisers are after is reach, far beyond the relative small percentage of those who can be reached via iAd.

Specifically, marketers continue to seek audiences segmented by geography, demography, content channel, carrier, handset or time of day. Further, many continue to want to engage with consumers via SMS, display ads (mobile web, in-app, in-game) search, e-mail and MMS. Such has been the case for regional, national and local brands, including HBO PPV which saw 12.9% click-through rates for a Mayweather-Marquez championship boxing match telecast.

HBO, through its agency partner The Gary Group, tapped Hipcricket’s Ad Network to announce the bout, compel people to sign up to watch the fight on HBO PPV, and to generate opt-ins into their mobile VIP club.
The results were a knockout — the click-through rate was 12.9% and loyalty club opt-in rate was 69%.

Key things to look for as you seek to employ a mobile ad network partner:

  • Reach: the number of mobile subscribers that can be targeted via SMS, the mobile web and/or applications.
  • Targeting: Real-time targeting with multi-dimensional segmentation – in other words, right audience, right time, right device.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of advertising options: Display ads, SMS, MMS, E-mail and Search.
  • Direct relationships with the leading mobile publishers.
  • Sophisticated end-to-end measurement to report success metrics and showcase ROI.
  • A variety of “beyond the banner” units — including rich media expandable banners — that are larger units and can deliver video
  • The ability to combine mobile with email as more people are opening e-mails straight from their mobile device.

Much like the online world, mobile advertising is about reach. You can bet iAd will deliver for customers. But often it will be part of the advertising mix, not the end-all.


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