MediaMind Introduces Version 2.0 Data Circulation System

Inplace #2

mediamindADOTAS – Though the section of the event that made me laugh aloud was a closing Mediamind rap — which in addition to detailing the complicated process of planning and executing multichannel digital campaigns, included a catchy auto-tuned chorus reminiscent of T-Pain — MediaMind’s pre-Ad Week extravaganza celebrating Version 2.0 of its end-to-end digital advertising platform was chock full of informative speakers and illuminating panels.

After a significant rebranding in June that included switching the company name from EyeBlaster, MediaMind introduced its updated solution, which features a centralized system of data management that encourages circular flow throughout all stages of a campaign.

“The data needs to be at the center,” commented Nick Talbert, director of product marketing. “If you pour data out on the whole ecosystem, you’re going to lose some.”

Featuring a new intuitive user interface, Version 2.0 features interactivity between different divisions of a full-service digital platform that haven’t been reached before. The outcome is that a diverse toolkit that feels like just one tool from the user perspective.

Currently the initiative has been rolled out to three products: “Smart Planning” includes using enhanced data flow to optimize research, negotiation and buying. Fully integrated into ad-serving and analytics, “Smart Versioning” simplifies the process of planning and distribution of dynamic creative. Finally, “Smart Trading” allows users to easily manage ad-server and exchange-traded buys through a uniform platform.

Dean Donaldson, MediaMind global director of media innovation, added that Version 2.0 is “trying give the data and technology to the buyers.”