Medialets Introduces Adaptable Mobile Unit


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – Glow Interactive CEO and cofounder Carl Levin yesterday joined the chorus of voices, including Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, screaming “Airball!” at Apple, claiming that the company totally missed the hoop with iAd. However, companies like Medialets are diving for the rebound and follow-up basket with new products like Adaptables.

The HTML5-powered ads feature auto-expansion or growing creative as well as smart orientation that adjusts for how a user is holding a device. They also tap into touchscreen capabilities to allow for actions such as pinching, tapping, swiping, tilting and vibrating. As Medialets released the first rich media mobile ad, of course rich media such as video, audio and quizzes are available through Adaptables.

The new ad unit also features an in-app browser to allow for click-through without leaving the host app. Finally Adaptables features Medialets’ insightful metrics for deep analysis. Check out some examples at Medialets’ YouTube page.


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