Maritz and Bunchball Mix Loyalty and Gamification


gamer1.jpgADOTAS – In the social marketing age, everything can be a game, and every game can be social. Engaging a consumer through some kind of challenge is marketing magic, third-party “gamification” service Bunchball has learned with its Nitro platform. Combining that with a loyalty and incentive service like Maritz is a potential gold mine.

Through a new partnership, Bunchball and Maritz clients will be able to provide real-time “reinforcement for desired behavior” — better known as badges and awards. Users will be able to create virtual identities and compete for top score, as well as share the experience via social networks.

“Loyalty and incentive programs have become stale,” said Maritz VP of Customer Loyalty Barry Kirk. “That’s because most companies focus on the redemption aspect of a program, or the stuff their participants will earn. But scientific studies of human thinking and perception tell us that people want more out of these programs. That’s why we’re partnering with Bunchball — because they understand people’s psychological need to be social, achieve, compete and have fun.”


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