LookSmart Probes Search Marketers’ Minds


searchADOTAS – What goes on in the mind of the search marketer? How do they choose their PPC platforms? Search company LookSmart, who in the last year contributed an excellent series of articles mapping out the nonproprietary search space, was dying to know, so it Surveyed 120 advertisers working with the company.

Sixty-three percent of respondents cited ROI as their top priority, but traffic quality was also high on marketer’s minds as 53% said listed it as their highest concern. Only 13% said good customer service was highly important in their search partner

About half of the marketers said they had two or three search partners, while a quarter boasted three or four and 18% said they had more than six. In seeking out a new PPC partner, 57% said they first would conduct research on traditional search engines and 33% said they’d hit up well-known industry resources such as newsletters and blogs. Only 11% said they would begin with their social networking connections.


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