Google Wants to Own Your Brain!


ADOTAS – Google has brought Google Instant to the masses. What is Google Instant you might ask? Oh, well it’s another little trick Google has added to it’s bag that everyone’s supposed to get excited about but seems to resemble that annoying automatic word feature when you text. The search box guesses what you’re looking for based on the letters you’re typing in and what searches are most popular. That’s it. And it will be the search equivalent of making six cents worth of “silly bandz” and getting two bucks for them.

While Google claims this shaves off two to five seconds from the normal twenty-five second search time (now I’ll have time to write that book I’ve always wanted to!), it seems like the company is grabbing at straws to stay in the headlines. The company wants this to make them more competitive with Microsoft-Yahoo in the search market…. Um, I didn’t realize Google was truly worried about anyone lapping them in search. Seriously? I mean I love Bing but let’s take a reality check guys… you’re company name is a VERB.

“We want to make Google the third half of your brain,” Google co-founder Sergey Brin said when this “innovative technology” was rolled out Wednesday. I don’t know if that’s something people really want. That’s just creepy on a whole new level. Stop freaking me out Google! I’m calling it. The Emperor has no clothes. I will be shocked if this is really something that changes the landscape of search radically. However, I will concede that I am writing about it now and may very well be singing its praises in the future. Sigh.



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