Google Imagines (Sexy) Display World of the Future


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Echoing a press conference Google’s display advertising wing of Google threw a few months ago, Barry Salzman, managing director of media and platforms, told the crowd at IAB Mixx that Big G is bringing sexy back to display.

But I have to ask: was display ever sexy in the first place? Static banners get me so hot, and did I mention those belly fat ads? I start drooling just thinking about them. You know what I hear is a real aphrodisiac? Acai berry — Oprah and Dr. Oz told me on a banner. Makes me want to punch a monkey…

Perhaps display could just become sexy for the first time? Or even, not to set the bar too low, attention-worthy?

If you haven’t heard, Google is on a mission to dominate the display space — an area the company believes will eventually cover all mediums of media. Big G’s latest report from the field came during the MIXX keynote, where it debuted several new technologies and speculated on the future.

Display is heating up for Google as 99% of the companies top 1,000 advertisers are using the Google Display Network — and they increased their spending by 75% last year, the company boasted. Back in June, Google mentioned it was luring many of its devoted search advertisers into experimenting with display.

At MIXX, Google demoed the integrated dynamic creative technology of Teracent, which it acquired in December 2009, as well as the display ad possibilities inherent in Google Goggles, an Android application that allows mobile users to use pictures taken by a camera to conduct searches.

Possibly the most exciting development was YouTube TrueView, something hinted about back at the press barbecue. The new technology rolling out in a few months will let YouTube viewers decide if they want to skip the video ad, or offer viewers a choice about which ad they see. The pricing model will be cost-per-view, which execs noted currently makes up only a small percentage of video ads. But Google expects that number to hit 50% in the magical year of 2015.

What else in store for 2015? Well, 75% of all ads, no matter the format, will be social — across the all social networks and sites, users will be able to recommend, share, discuss and even comment on the ads themselves. Considering how great YouTube comments are, I can’t wait to see them on ads: “Yo dis ad SUX! LOL”

The $50 billion display ad industry in the amazing futuristic world of 2010 will feature five metrics more important than the click (only five?). Half of all ads will be bought using real-time technology, with ads customized for specific audiences, and rich media ads will comprise 50% of online brand-building campaigns, compared to just 6% now.

Arousing developments… I can’t wait to see these rich-media ads on my hovercar’s Internet portal as head to the moon shuttle pad for a lunar vacation with my sexbot.

Coincidentally, I heard Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” in the grocery store earlier and I gotta say that song has not stood the test of time. I’ll give it another chance in five years — perhaps it will be retro then.

Feel like you missed out? Check out the full keynote below:


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