GlobalSpec Brings Home Hot Leads for EdgeTech


globalspec_small.jpgADOTAS – When you’re a small manufacturing company in a tight environment like EdgeTech, every marketing dollar counts and every one must produce results. Unofficially, the developer of humidity-measuring equipment (such as hydrometers for marine vehicles) considers GlobalSpec its marketing team, as it has a proven track record of bringing EdgeTech highly qualified leads. In the video below, EdgeTech Managing Director Ken Murray describes the impressive results his company has witnessed using GlobalSpec as well as future marketing plans.


ADOTAS: Tell us a little about your business, what EdgeTech does and how you measure success with your marketing efforts? Targets? Specific goal outcomes?

MURRAY: EdgeTech moisture is a small manufacturer of humidity and dew point chill mirror hygrometers; we are one of three divisions owned by EdgeOne. Founded and design by NASA and MIT in 1967, chill mirror hygrometers have become known as the NIST transfer standard for all other humidity products. EdgeTech moisture, formerly EG&G, has been making chill mirror hygrometers for over 40 years and offers a wide variety of humidity solutions for most humidity applications.

Our marketing success is measured by profits and sales. We define target markets and design products through customer feedback for those markets and our goal is enter these new markets and gain market share.

Why is GlobalSpec a fit for those marketing objectives and targets?

We are a small manufacturing business operating in a very challenging time where budgets are tight and marketing dollars must produce results. Although unofficial, we consider Global Spec, EdgeTech’ s marketing team and has a proven track record of getting us market exposure and qualified sales leads resulting an increase in sales.

What objectives and goals did you specifically hope to apply to GlobalSpec?

Our objectives and goals in using Global spec is to get our product and name exposure, resulting an increase sales, an increase in market share and more web-site traffic.

How did you and GlobalSpec go about planning for the specifics of your marketing objectives and campaign?

EdgeTech and Global Spec teamed together putting together a 12-month news letter program aiming at target markets. Within this plan, we are able to get most of our product lines exposure to these markets.

Tell us about the experience and outcome of that initiative?

The results of the news letter program has been tremendous, we are receiving qualified sales leads, we getting product line exposure, we are getting names of the decision-makers and most important of all we are getting sales results.

Do you currently or have plans to do more?

We are always reviewing and tweaking our marketing plan as the year progresses and do plan to explore some of the new programs that GlobalSpec offers, one being the new virtual trade show.


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