Fox Audience Network Being Traded to Rubicon?


skipping_smallADOTAS – And here I thought trading season was over! Kara Swisher at AllThingsD has sources whispering excitedly that MySpace is bartering most of its Fox Audience Network assets to The Rubicon Project in exchange for a minority equity slice. This is actually something AdExchanger resident psychic John Ebbert predicted earlier this month, suggesting that Rubicon wants to up its ad tech game.

After former CEO and cocreator Adam Bain fled to become president of revenue at Twitter last month, News Corp spun off FAN into MySpace, but Swisher reports that leadership didn’t see any reason to keep it there, especially considering MySpace is going through an overhaul… Wait a second, didn’t that already happen? Or is MySpace simply in perpetual overhaul?

Swisher notes that FAN had a fair deal of suitors, but Rubicon was the “cleanest” option. As I’ve interviewed a few Rubicon execs, I can tell you hygiene over at the publisher platform is of the highest concern — Rubicon employees leave the pleasant scent of fresh-cut roses whenever they depart a room.

UPDATE, Tuesday, 2:48 P.M. EST: “With this ‘acquisition’ Rubicon is trying to play catch up with the other players in the market and it will be at least a year before anyone will know if the deal was even worth it,” commented Rajeev Goel of competing supply-side platform PubMatic, which just introduced a Data Firewall for revealing publisher data leakage. “We see this as a Hail Mary pass by Rubicon and an affirmation that they have failed to technologically innovate internally.”


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