Facebook Kills Offsite Conversion Tracking


funreal_small.jpgADOTAS – So long, little pixel — Facebook is cutting short the off-site conversion tracking pixel program it launched earlier this year. Advertisers have until Oct. 20 to soak up data collected on a website when a user clicks on a Facebook ad, and until Nov. 1 to look up historical conversion data.

In a statement, Facebook said it learned a lot from the seven-month beta program and will continue to track conversions for Facebook pages and events.

John Ebbert at AdExchanger says Facebook could bring back the offsite tracking when it launches its ad network, but there’s no point: “Facebook does not want to enable traffic leaving the Facebook Web.”

Earlier this month Facebook souped up its performance advertising analytics by allowing advertisers to track impressions, clicks and click-through rates of ads with “social context” — that blurb beneath an ad that tells you which of your friends liked a certain page.


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