Facebook Feed Gets Brand-Focused With WallRSS


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – GigaOm, TechCrunch and even Google are busy blasting the resurfaced meme that RSS is dead, killed by Facebook and Twitter. I certainly can’t understand how Facebook could have slain RSS when digital agency Attention just launched a Facebook RSS feed purely for brand updates.

WallRSS, which Attention built in partnership with social media aggregator FeedMagnet, manages the Facebook updates of more than 200 brand pages, cutting the chatter of friends, social gaming updates, etc.

Initially an experiment to make sense of all the noise in the Facebook feed, the chief lesson Attention has learned so far from WallRSS been that many brands are using Facebook not as a conversational tool, but a glorified RSS feed.

“Originality still has a place on Facebook, which is why authorship is increasingly a function of editorial instead of marketing these days,” writes CEO Curtis Houghland in a blog.


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