DoubleVerify Determines Which Ad Tech Firms You Can Trust


armor.jpgADOTAS – Ad verifier DoubleVerify has few friends in the ad network and exchange world, and something tells me its new list of top compliant ad tech companies is not going to change that.

Analyzing more than 150 billion impressions between January and June, the 1H 2010 Trust Index scrutinized networks based on non-compliance metrics such as instances of ads served out of inclusion lists, in exclusion lists, alongside inappropriate content and international audiences. In addition, DoubleVerify also took into consideration when multiple ads from the same advertiser were served, ads were served in proximity to a competitors’ ads and ads were served below the fold.

According to DoubleVerify, the top performers (in alphabetical order) were AOL’s, AudienceScience, Burst Media, FOX Audience Network, interclick, Microsoft Media Network, Tribal Fusion and ValueClick Media.

The best performing ad networks averaged a 2% average noncompliance rate, while the bottom 10 recorded a 37% average; the standard deviation for the top networks was 17% across campaigns while the bottom registered a 28% standard deviation. The most compliant platforms — e.g. DSPs and ad exchanges — had a 6% average non-compliance rate, while the under-performers registered a rate five times as high.

“Our data shows that improvements are being made across the board to increase brand safety and trust,” said DoubleVerify CEO Oren Netzer. “Verified campaigns especially showed vast improvement in non-compliance. Nevertheless, there’s still work to be done and we hope this data will provide benchmarks for advertising vendors to guide them toward these goals and move the industry forward.”


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