DataXu Crosses Channels With Next-Gen Platform


networkADOTAS – “The DSP is not a fad — it’s a trend,” says Mike Baker, CEO and president of DataXu, which brought its DSP out of stealth mode at the TechCrunch 50 last year. ”And DX2 is more than a DSP.”

DX2 is the next generation of the company’s real-time ad optimization platform, which among other new features introduces DataXu’s real-time buying and optimization capabilities to ad placements for video and mobile channels.

Baker describes DX2 as a digital media brain making decisions across all display channels via ad exchanges.

“The platform does the job of researcher, media planner, buyer, trafficker, optimizer at a scale you can’t do with people alone,” he says. Hence the platform also compresses timeframe and cost.

Instead of using cookies to buy audiences, DX2 employs an algorithm with a machine learning engine that discovers an audience through analyzing clicks and post-impression behavior. As audience profiles are built, DX2 adjusts bids automatically to optimize based on either budget or cost per performance.

The platform is not just for direct response campaigns — as traditional branding methods are changing online, many brands are embracing DataXu’s technology to run branded performance campaigns, in which branding is judged against a performance metric.

In addition, DX2 features new controls for brand safety and evaluating site content as well as enabling rich media. DataXu has partnered with Vizu to allow brands to optimize their display campaigns based on metrics such as brand awareness and purchase intent.

Check out more of Baker’s thoughts on his blog celebrating the launch of DX2 as well as a new website.


  1. wow – what a puff piece

    does the author know that there are more than a dozen other dsp’s out there who all claim to be providing the exact same capabilities…


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