Attention Shoppers: Tumri Teams Up With [X+1] for Retailer Retargeting


target_small.jpgADOTAS – Since releasing the real-time mighty morphin’ AdPods in 2007, Tumri has been at the forefront of the dynamic creative revolution. This year alone the company introduced four new ad solutions as well as campaign analytics.

Right before the holiday season, Tumri has partnered with DSP [X+1] to deliver the retail retargeting service Shopper Retargeting. In addition to retargeting hot prospects, [X+1]’s Predictive Optimization Engine will enhance etailers’ ability to locate newer prospects and show them effective creative through Tumri.

David Kim, who recently took over as president, answered a few questions about the new product and partnership.

ADOTAS: So you’re the new guy at Tumri — how rough have the hazing rituals been? Have your bruises healed yet?

KIM: So far, I’ve had to adjust to some changes … a new office and new additional team members, but the coffee tastes exactly the same and cricket is still the sport of choice.

While your last job was heading up homework help service Course Hero, you’ve earned your digital advertising stripes at Efficient Frontier, Yahoo and Tumri. What brought you back to digital advertising, and Tumri in particular? How has the industry changed and what’s been the most challenging adjustment?

What drew me back to Tumri was the opportunity we have to change the face of dynamic display with our new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and I think the market is ready for this. While things haven’t changed that dramatically, I see the biggest change in wider creative variation and growing adoption of dynamic ads. It will be interesting to see how this shapes up in the next few months and how Tumri’s platform leads the transformation for both creative developers and marketers.

Tumri is no stranger to retargeting, having introduced the service back in February as part of its “Dynamic Messaging” solutions. So what’s different about Shopper Retargeting? How does it stand out from the growing numbers of retargeting solutions popping up in the ecosystem?

Historically, because re-targeting was a time and labor intensive process, Tumri focused on high-touch execution in tandem with our customers. Now, with the growing mainstream appeal of Dynamic Creative personalization, Tumri is focused on making Dynamic Creative easy by providing our solutions via a SaaS platform that can be used broadly by creative agencies, media agencies and marketers. What separates our Retargeting solution, which is one of six Tumri SaaS offerings, is that Tumri takes a best of breed approach by partnering with leading media buying companies so we can focus not only on listing optimization of templates, but on creative and listings adserving, analytics and optimization. Making our solution easy to use and best-in-class.

Why did you decide to partner with [X+1]? What are the advantages of its Predictive Optimization Engine?

[X+1] represents a strong partner because we have jointly executed on a number of successful Dynamic Creative campaigns to-date. [X+1]’s POE technology and Tumri’s Adserving & Analytics capabilities provide what we believe to be the best combined solution today for retailers looking to launch successful retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting has received some less-than-flattering media coverage lately. How do you quell consumer concerns about being stalked?

As a member of the National Advertising Initiative, Tumri takes consumer protection and privacy very seriously. Retail retargeting as a category is still a relatively new concept and will undergo material change over the next 12-24 months.

For example, there are a number of ways to serve personalized experiences that don’t rely solely on detailed website interactions — such as category affinity and creative variation that Tumri has deployed historical and will continue to dedicate resources to provide well-informed, yet non-intrusive consumer experiences.


  1. I can’t imagine x+1 having the clientele to considerable recognize Tumri as a powerful incentive to run campaigns thru Saas. Do you have case studies?


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