Apple to End Year With 21% Share of Mobile Ad Market


IphoneADOTAS – Perhaps rumors of Apple’s foundering in the mobile ad market have been grossly exaggerated: researcher IDC estimates the Apple will finish the year with 21% share of the mobile ad market, tying with former champion Google.

Even when combined with the share of recent acquisition AdMob, Google’s mobile ad share is estimated to drop from 27% to 21% year over year. Yahoo will also take a tumble, from 12% to 9%, alongside Microsoft (10% to 7%) and Nokia (7% to 5%).

But pray tell, why does this suggest iAd is actually a success? Well, Quattro Wireless, which Apple acquired in January, boasted only a 9% share in 2009; the iAd was introduced back in April and launched in July (with well-publicized hiccoughs).

Besides Apple’s momentous entrance into the space, IDC also sees prominent gains for indie mobile ad networks in 2010: Jumptap is expected to take a 13% slice this year compared to 10% in 2009 while Millennial Media is estimated at 11% versus 9% last year.


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