Android Gobbles Up More Mobile Market Share


ANDROIDADOTAS – comScore is the latest to report that Google Android OS is eating up mobile market share, marking a 5% jump in July compared to April. But where did Android steal market share to go from 12% to 17%? Well, it took a nibble from everybody’s share:

  • RIM is still on top with a 39.3% share, down from 41.1% in April.
  • Apple commands a respectable 23.8%, but that’s a little slide from 24.1% three months ago.
  • Microsoft ceded third place in share to Google, falling from 14% in April to 11.8% in July
  • And OK, Android didn’t take any of Palm’s share: it’s stuck at 4.9%.

Quantcast reported earlier this month that Android had a 25% share of mobile web consumption, which still pales in comparison to Apple iOS’ 56%. However, Apple’s consumption share has been on the decline since the end of 2009 and, ho boy, look how Android has ramped up:


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