AdWords Delves Into Demographics


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Google has taken Ad Week NY as an opportunity to both share its display dreams and introduce new features — yesterday it announced the AdWords ability to show demographic-based ads to appropriate browsers on the Google Display Network.

Since March 2009, Google has been toying with interest-based advertising, or assigning categories and demographics to browsers based on GDN sites visited then compared with aggregated survey results. These interests and inferred demographics are based on browsing history, not actual user data.

As Google explains, if you go browsing on sites typically perused by women, your cookie will be associated with “female,” even if you’re just a girlie man. Now advertisers will be able to display more female oriented ads to browsers with the right cookies. Users can adjust their demographic categories or opt-out of being targeted at the Ads Preference Manager.


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