ADTECH and AOL Advertising Launch Expanded Online Video Solution


ADTECH, AOL Advertising’s global ad serving platform, announced today the launch of an expanded online video advertising solution. With research showing that U.S. Internet users viewed more than 30 billion videos online this past April alone(1), ADTECH’s online video product has been enhanced to meet the growing customer demand to manage, traffic and report on online video advertising campaigns.
“Our expanded video solution is a powerful tool for marketers. Its streamlined workflow monetizes video advertising to determine the right combination for video and display placements and, ultimately, bolster revenue,” said Dirk Freytag, president of ADTECH and head of AOL Advertising Technologies. “With seamless integration, advanced targeting and real-time measurement capabilities, this product provides consolidated reporting, empowering advertisers to gain critical insight into their video campaign’s impact.”
Freytag adds, “Video has become a mass market, which needs professional ad serving solutions such as our ADTECH Video technology. Rising campaign figures mean efficiency is crucial. We define efficiency as ease of use, open interfaces and the integration of display and video campaigns.”

ADTECH ‘s video solution is VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) compliant and has been designed to easily adapt to changes in market standards and guidelines. VAST is a standardized template for the online digital video advertising business.


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