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searchADOTAS – Already adopted as a paid search resource by numerous Fortune 100 companies, WordMap — Adchemy’s SaaS solution that extracts underlying intentions from keyword search terms to deliver more relevant search ads and improve paid search performance — today is being made available for purchase to any Joe Schmoe search marketer.

The technology groups keywords based on intent into bundles called WordMaps and creates ad copy for each. Thi Thumasathit, Adchemy vice president of new business, gave us some insight into how WordMap works and why paid search is as relevant as ever.

ADOTAS: Is there a way to describe how the Adchemy WordMap discovers underlying intentions in keyword searches without causing our brains to blow a collective fuse?

Thumasathit: Adchemy builds the machine so you don’t need to blow a fuse.

Give us your product catalog. Give us your keywords. If you’ve got an on-site search engine, give us your query logs. Give us your web site. In fact, give us everything you’ve got. Adchemy has built natural language processing tools to discover:

  • Intents — what are consumers searching for?
  • Topics — how are those intents organized? For example, colors, sizes and brands
  • Relationships — how are those intents related? For example, x is a common misspelling of y, a is a synonym of b.
  • Keyword expressions — how are intents expressed as queries/keywords?

All of these are building blocks to a WordMap. Once a WordMap is created, understanding the underlying intents within a given keyword is easy (for a machine).

Why is providing relevance at scale in paid search so damn difficult?

Pretend you’re in charge of search engine marketing (SEM) at an ecommerce site. Pretend your boss gives you an existing campaign of 1 million keywords and 100 ad copies. Your boss thinks the ad copy is too generic and he wants you to write relevant ad copy for every single keyword. Oh, and when you’re done with that, he says, why don’t you create a highly relevant landing page for every single keyword as well?

How psyched are you?

You go back to your office, and open up the user manual of your third-party bid management tool to see if it can help you with this seemingly insurmountable task. The manual talks a lot about bids and bidding strategies and budgets and reports. But there doesn’t seem to be a button for writing 1 million customized ad copies…

Could you give an example to our lovely Adotas readers of just how a search marketer could use WordMap?

Pretend you’re the same SEM with the boss that just gave you 1 million keywords, but you’ve now got the power of the Adchemy WordMap behind you.

In a few days, you walk into your boss’s office and say, “Here are those highly relevant ad copies you asked for.”

“How’d you do that so quickly?” your boss asks.

“Easy. The Adchemy WordMap converted our one million keywords into a hundred or so intents. I split the keywords into 35,000 ad groups with similar intent. I wrote two dozen ad copy templates, using intents as placeholders in the templates. The Adchemy WordMap application then published the templates to the ad groups. Now we’ve got, on average, three highly relevant ad copies for each ad group — so there are 115,000 unique ad copies. In case you’re counting.”

Your boss looks impressed.

After a few more days, you walk back into his office and say, “Here are those highly relevant landing pages you asked for. Like the ad copy, each of the 35,000 ad groups are pointing to three different landing pages, so there are 115,000 unique landing pages.”

Your boss looks even more impressed.

You go back to your desk and upload the campaign into your existing bid management system. As data starts to roll in over the next few days, you see conversion on the campaign has improved dramatically and you’re killing your target margins. You realize that you can afford to bid higher as a result, and before you know it, you’ve doubled daily sales volume from the campaign.

By the end of the month, your boss calls you into his office. And he gives you a big fat raise.

Of WordMap’s numerous capabilities — such as keyword expansion, tightly-themed ad groups, and delivering highly relevant ad copy and landing pages — which will be the most valuable for clients?

By far, creating tightly themed ad groups based on intent, or what we call “Intent Groups.” Intent Groups are the foundation to relevance. Without Intent Groups, you can’t have relevant ad copy and relevant landing pages.

It seems like most of the search talk these days surrounds SEO; why is paid search just as important as ever?

As a marketer trying to make a monthly number, SEM is still more in your control than SEO. If you want to grow volume, you can expand your keyword portfolio, increase your bids, increase budget, improve your relevance, or all of the above. Generally speaking, your volume will grow.

SEO — while still important — requires a much longer-term planning horizon and is less elastic to short-term efforts. For example, if your boss comes to you and says, “We’re running short on our numbers this month — here’s $100,000 extra budget, go crazy.” What are you going to spend that $100,00 on? Spend it all on SEO, and you might see improvements in traffic over the next year or two. Spend it all on SEM, and you’ll probably see more traffic immediately.

I recently searched for “Chewbacca”; what do you think my underlying intentions were? What kind of paid search ad would you tailor to me?

Note, the Adchemy WordMap’s purpose is not to discover the underlying intent behind any arbitrary query and show you the best paid search ad for that query — you have Google for that. Additionally, the Adchemy WordMap is not meant to create a behavioral profile across multiple queries either.

Rather, the Adchemy WordMap creates a WordMap that is specific for each marketer. The WordMap acts as a structured translation layer between the keyword/query and what the marketer is trying to sell or market.

For example, let’s say there are two Adchemy WordMap customers: one is a Halloween retailer, and the other is a posters retailer. Both have chosen to bid on the word “Chewbacca.”

For the Halloween retailer, you would likely see a relevant ad, generated by the Adchemy WordMap:

Chewbacca Costumes
Cheap Chewbacca costumes on sale,
All sizes available, free shipping!

When you clicked on the ad, you would be brought to a page featuring Chewbacca costumes.

For the posters retailer, you would likely see a relevant ad, generated by the Adchemy WordMap:

Chewbacca Posters
Get posters of Chewbacca & Han Solo.
Free shipping on orders >$25!

When you clicked on that ad, you would be brought to a page featuring posters of Chewbacca.

In the small, this relevance seems trivial. But remember, you’ve got to do this across 1 million keywords (or more).


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