Adara Connects Advertisers With Loyalty Data


target_small.jpgADOTAS – Especially in the age of the mobile consumer, loyalty programs are hot — and the data that comes out the other end is potentially priceless. So the new Loyalty Audience Platform released by Adara Media — formerly blog search engine Opinmind — is bound to raise a few eyebrows as it connects advertisers with that juicy data.

The platform employs brand partners’ audience loyalty data — pre-qualified and segmented on an individual level, as well as anonymous — for advertisers to use in targeting. Also, Adara can supply post-campaign reports with analysis of which audience segments reacted to certain offers. Two national travel services are the first to sign up to use the platform, which also includes targeting and retargeting capabilities.

“Loyalty data is the new gold standard of data, providing a higher level of accuracy than behavioral data, which is often inferred from previous behaviors,” said Adara CEO Layton Han. “Our brand partners offer real insight into real people, enabling advertisers to reach coveted audiences and eliminate waste.”


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