Your Social Analytics Are ShareThis’ Concern


sharethisADOTAS – Yeah, this social media stuff is cool, but what I really need is some analysis, maybe a little ROI…. Where my metrics at?

ShareThis, the company that supplies those handy-dandy green boxes that facilitate social sharing, hears you, marketers, and has introduced two tools for gleaning insight into the social value of audience and content, respectively, through the ShareThis Audience Index and Social Reach.

Dipping into the data provided by its expansive social sharing network, ShareThis helps publishers understand who is sharing, who is responding and who is viewing their content, as well as compare audiences with those from other related sites.

Social Reach compares outbound shared content through ShareThis with inbound traffic from any sharing service to give publishers an understanding of how their content circulates the web.

“By monitoring what’s really important — sharing and social traffic — our new analytics and metrics give publishers what they’ve been asking us for, the ability to attract the right audiences and the right premiums for those audiences,” said CEO Tim Schigel in a press release.

If analytics tools alone didn’t make publishers happy, ShareThis recently released a new set of shiny sharing buttons for more than 40 social services, including separate Twitter and Facebook buttons that have built-in Social Reach counters.



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