Twitter Braces for Revenue Push


twitter_smallADOTAS – To ramp up revenue efforts for the fast-approaching fourth quarter, Twitter has charged two digital sales veterans with building sales teams and laying the groundwork for Promoted products to appear in third-party applications.

Former Facebooker Dan Coughlin has joined the Twitter teams as head of East Coast sales, while Amanda Levy, who bears the honor of being Yelp’s first salesperson, will lead West Coast sales.

In addition, Twitter has upgraded its API to offer developers access to Promoted Tweets and Trends. Twitter Developer Advocate Matt Harris noted on the Twitter Development Talk Google Group that the newly available data points “events” and “promoted_content” will not be able to return useful content, but over the next few months Twitter will be beta testing its Promoted products with third-party desktop applications — e.g., TweetDeck and Seesmic.

“During this period, we aim to learn a lot, and we will apply those lessons when we expand distribution of Twitter Promoted Products to the broader ecosystem,” Harris wrote.

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets ad platform emerged on the social mediascape in April with more of a whimper than a bang. Skepticism over effectiveness and feasibility was rampant, especially considering that ads that didn’t “resonate” — i.e., get clicked or retweeted — would get canned with the ad-buyer paying nothing. However, it was acknowledged by the company that it was still experimenting with ad products.

In June, the microblogger introduced Promoted Trends, which are clearly marked at the bottom of a user’s trend feed, as the next offering in its Promoted Suite and large brands such as Coca-Cola took the bait with impressive results — 86 million impressions in 24 hours, Global Interactive Marketing Vice President Carol Kruse told The Financial Times.


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