The Bain of Twitter’s Revenue Dreams


twitter_smallADOTAS – It took a little while, but it looks like Twitter’s finally getting serious about this revenue thing. In addition to developing the groundwork for its Promoted Suite of products to appear in third-party apps, Twitter has been building a sales team that now has a recognizable vice president of revenue: Adam Bain.

TechCrunch reports that Bain is leaving the position of president of Fox Audience Network, News Corp.’s own ad network that monetized content on MySpace and IGN among other digital properties. Before that, he served as executive vice president of product and technology for Fox Interactive Media. Micheal Arrington claims Bain’s group was the sole “bright spot in an otherwise dismal group of digital products at News Corp.”

Also joining Twitter’s brave new revenue world is Google’s Brent Hill, who will run Midwest sales. He joins recent sales team additions Dan Coughlin, a Facebook vet who is heading up East Coast sales, and Amanda Levy, Yelp’s first salesperson and now the head of West Coast sales.



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