Samsung Tablet Gives iPad Little Competition


ipadmoney_smallADOTAS – Size matters, they say, but in the tablet world bigger might not be better. Perhaps the coolest moment in the Samsung Galaxy tablet preview video is when a single hand holds up the 7-inch tablet. That’s right — you don’t have to be able to palm a basketball to hold this new toy with a single appendage.

Oh, the Samsung tablet, which will debut September 2 at the Berlin IFA consumer electronics show, has other perks such as an Android 2.2 (“Froyo,” two cameras, GPS navigation, Swype and — start your drooling advertisers — it will be Flash-enabled.

However, I’m not finding any info regarding data networks or carriers. Most likely the Samsung tablet will be 4G-enabled, but on whose network? And will the price be competitive with the iPad? Keep biting your fingernails.

Spinning on the rumor mill is a smaller (7-inch) and lighter (shed 200 grams) “mini” iPad, headed our way just in time for the holiday season. Also, look out for a second-generation daddy iPad with twice as much RAM (512MB vs. 256MB) that runs iOS4, though that software update is supposed to arrive any day for current iPad owners.

And for those of you still holding out for a Windows tablet, HP executives told analysts during its quarterly earnings call that it is developing both Windows 7 and WebOS-powered tablets, with the former coming out in December and the latter arriving in early 2011.

It’s looking like a tablet-tastic holiday season…


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