Retailers Get Help From AOL Advertising


aol.jpgADOTAS – Just before the political season hit fever pitch, AOL Advertising unleashed its political targeting solution. So now, as fourth quarter and the holiday season are right around the corner, AOL has launched an Ad Desk retail stop and a retail category web page to assist retailers with their online campaigns.

With three steps, retailers can set up and execute targeted display campaigns on Ad Desk across AOL’s premium properties and the network, as well as AIM and AOL Mail. The improved audience behavior categories includes more than 50 shopping segments while Leedback offers retargeting for users that visited an advertiser’s website. In addition, offers retail=specific performance marketing solutions through its AdLearn optimization technology.

Similar to the political advertising page, the retail category page offers tips on enhancing company awareness, driving in-store and office traffic, increasing retail sales and building costumer loyalty.


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