My, How Google Has Grown


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Ever since it reported an earnings rebound in the second quarter of 2009, Google has been in “hire and acquire mode,” and its work on the latter half of that equation has been worthy of awe.

On the ad front, Google has gobbled up AdMob and Teracent among others, but recently more attention has been lavished on the company’s inorganic growth related to social networking — in particular, social widget builder Slide and virtual currency developer Jambool. The search giant also inked a social gaming deal with Farmville-maker Zynga, a company Google has quietly poured a good deal of funding into.

All these moves have the tech media speculating up a frenzy about “GoogleMe,” which is being marketed as a true Facebook rival. However, AdAge makes a good point — can a company that builds services known for their speed and efficiency show us a good time? (My goodness, I can’t stop thinking about bedroom analogies.) has made a nifty visual representation of Google’s growth via acquisitions and partnerships — it’s easy to get lost in.

However, Yelp will always be remembered as the one that got away…


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