Media Futures Are So Bright, AdBidCentral’s Gotta Wear Shades


bid_smallADOTAS – To assist media buyers in building longer-term strategies for both branding and direct-response campaigns, AdBidCentral developed the “Futures” category of inventory for reaching top-of-the-funnel consumers that will eventually transform into costumers.

In development for four years, AdBidCentral has just launched its media futures platform, allowing media buyers to glean insight into future pricing for premium media as well as plan and place in advance, offering more control over pricing and availability.

In-house and agency media buyers place preliminary riskless bids on future site inventory within a certain range of price, which are responded to via AdBidCentrals’ “pricing repository predictions models” or directly by sellers directly. The platform builds future contract regarding pricing, placement and reach that can be canceled.

“AdBidCentral has been sharpening the focus of its futures platform for well over four years, just as this market was beginning to take shape, and we’ve developed our platform using tried and tested pricing algorithms on billions of impressions as well as by listening to the needs of the buyer and seller communities,” said CEO Vivek Veeraraghavan. “The translation of which results in a real, usable solution that not only offers long term insight, but a way for advertisers and publishers to efficiently execute sophisticated, rich campaigns while deepening their respective relationships.”

Adotas had an enlightening conversation with Veeraraghavan back in February about that nature of the media futures market and its relation to spot exchanges.


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