MarketShare Installs JovianDATA for Speed & Efficiency


skipping_smallADOTAS – Today’s marketers need their data analyzed to the finest degree — and fast, fast, fast. To meet that demand, cross-marketing optimizer MarketShare Partners has acquired JovianDATA, a marketing intelligence and data analytics tech supplier.

JoviaDATA’s tech will allow MarketShare to manage and analyze large amounts of data volumes for its clients not only faster but at finer levels and more efficiently. The acquisition greatly expands MarketShare’s marketing resource allocation modeling capabilities.

JovianDATA staff, located both in San Jose, Calif. and Bangalore, India, will brought under the MarketShare umbrella, with JovianDATA cofounder and CEO Parveen Jain joining MarketShare’s board of advisors. Satya Ramachandran will continue to run engineering operations in Bangalore.

“Today’s marketers are becoming increasingly sophisticated about how they measure ROI and allocate their total marketing and promotional activities, and they want to optimize that using real-time analytics,” said MarketShare cofounder and CEO Wes Nichols in a press release. “JovianDATA will enable us to analyze larger data sets faster and more efficiently, which will ultimately lead to a very precise, real-time simulation and optimization across offline and online marketing.


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