Marketing Outsourcing Is a No-Brainer


einstein_smallADOTAS – Shrinking and scrambling are two words we normally don’t see when it comes to marketing agencies. But in today’s economy we are watching marketing budgets shrink and agencies scramble as they drive to stay relevant.

In steps smart outsourcing.

Let’s take a look at some brand agencies that we all know that have successfully tapped into technology partners to better outsource campaigns.

Razorfish, one of the largest interactive marketing companies in the world, has always taken a progressive, smart outsourcing approach.

“We do see a value in email as an acquisition and engagement tool and rely on partners to support us in targeting, reaching and building engagement workflows as an extension of our media and search strategies” said David Baker, Vice President of Razorfish.

Outsourcing is not new. What’s changing is its perception. Traditional advertising agencies are looking toward new media companies to complement the services they offer clients.

For example, Don Low, previously of HL2, partnered with traditional companies like public relations agencies and reporting companies. Now, he is constantly thinking about how to add more value for clients from a technology marketing partner.

“Harnessing expertise by seeking smart, savvy partners for augmented services is key to an agencies’ ability to stay current and ahead of the curve.” He attributes this general shift in perception to the convergence of CMOs calling for tangible analytics and the unparalleled explosion of communication that’s replaced traditional media.

In general, agencies are rethinking the benefits of partnering with vender companies like us Marketfish for list-based marketing, as well as Google for search-engine marketing, RapLeaf for studying social footprints and BlueKai for data exchange.

While there are so many ways to reach customers, there’s no simple way to reach customers, and you can’t just buy one form of media and expect to achieve the penetrating results most clients want.

One clear example that Don brings up is the notion of Client Relationship Management (CRM). Not too long ago, CRM was perceived by agencies as more science, less art.

Optimizing campaigns based on desired outcomes can seem dry versus coming up with the million-dollar idea. But helping agencies realize the science behind the art and showing their clients how to be more results-driven within specific market segments — for clients adds up to dollars well-spent.

With an open mind and a solid approach, agencies can package adjunct services to create a dynamic platform from which to launch a client’s integrated marketing strategy with executable outcomes and precise analytics. This allows them to focus on what they do best — developing creative strategy and account management — while vendor partners do the heavy-lifting of implementing new marketing tactics.

Through these partnerships, agencies not only differentiate themselves, but also provide clients with increased results and the analytics to prove their success. The key is to be open and nimble — to do what you do best, and leverage exceptional expertise with like-minded organizations.

In the end, the best idea and its robust offerings win by producing creative and measurable results.


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