Marin Intensifies Facebook Ad Capabilities


searchADOTAS – Akin to the Louisiana Purchase, the opening of the Facebook Ad API has proven to be a wild new frontier for search marketers. In addition to the general availability of its Facebook ad solution, Marin Software today announced advanced capabilities such as algorithmic bidding, audience segmentation, and ad rotation.

Marin’s April integration with the Facebook Ads API allowed numerous Software Marin Pro users to manage pay-per-click Facebook ads and track conversions and ROI alongside major search engine campaigns. In addition, search marketers could build and upload PPC creative in bulk.

Along with the general launch, Marin has included advanced options enabling users to manage bids based on cost per lead, return on ad spend or customized engagement metrics; users can also turn off or bypass the algorithms in placing their bids.

The new segmentation tools allow Pro users to automatically classify Facebook audiences by public demographics such as gender, age and geography, or even by likes and general interests. Finally, after marketers upload bulk creative, they can trust Marin to rotate their ads to avoid repetitive impressions.

Earlier this summer, Marin closed a Series D round of financing with $11.2 million dollars. Participating in the fundraising were existing Marin investors Amicus Capital, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures and Focus Ventures, as well as newbie Triangle Peak Partners.



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