Got Funds? Visual IQ Takes Home $3 Million


money_tree.jpgADOTAS: I wonder what the attribution experts at Visual IQ would attribute their funding success to? Dressing sharp? Day-glo smiles?

The master of inter-channel attribution — whose cofounder, President and CTO Anto Chittilappilly has contributed many a fine feature to this publication — received $3 million in growth investment from San Francisco-based Fog City Capital. Visual IQ plans to use the capital for increasing staff, building healthy partner relationships and, of course, strengthening the ol’ technology infrastructure.

“Visual IQ is working hard to provide answers to some of the most critical questions for an advertiser: How much should we spend, through which media, and what results should we expect,” said Adit Abhyankar, partner at Fog City. “Given the team’s deep domain expertise and experience working with some of the largest advertisers in the world, Visual IQ is uniquely positioned to provide thought and execution leadership to its clients.”


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