Facebook Not Above Owning ‘Face’


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – Apparently owning Facebook as a trademark isn’t enough for Zuck and crew — they want a trademark for the word “face” as well, though an old foe is standing in the way.

Aaron Greenspan, another Harvard man who claimed Zuck stole the Facebook idea from him (Is there Harvard alum who doesn’t swear he created Facebook? That must be the lamest pickup line in Cambridge, right after “How about dem apples?”), has filed an extension so he can build an opposing argument. But no, this isn’t a lukewarm grudge match — Greenspan runs Think Computer, which powers mobile payments application FaceCash, and he’d like to use “Face” with more branding in the future (FaceMoolah, FaceDough, FaceDebt, etc.).

TechCrunch notes that the Facebook legal team are pretty brutal in their trademark litigation — they forced Placebook to rename and are currently out to get Teachbook. Sheesh, you don’t see Google suing Stephen Colbert for hyping “Googler” as a career. You don’t see Apple the tech company suing The Beatles’ Apple Records! Wait, The Beatles sued Apple?

Reading about this reminded me of a hilarious episode of British comedy series “The IT Crowd” in which the main characters get addicted to a social networking site called “Friendface.” The parody introductory video is surprisingly poignant — and keep in mind it was made a few years ago. Last time I checked, you could stream the first three seasons of “The IT Crowd” on Netflix — if you don’t fall in love with Maurice Moss, you have no soul.


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