eMarketer: Facebook Revenue to Top $1.2 Bil in 2010


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – If you were impressed by Facebook’s estimated revenue of $800 million in 2009, you’re going to be floored by eMarketer’s 2010 estimate of $1.285 billion for the social network.

The $1.285 billion in revenue is nearly double eMarketer’s estimate for last year ($665 million), but earlier this year sources told Reuters that a more realistic number was $800 million and the company was trying keep expectations grounded. The fastest growing revenue stream is Facebook’s self-serve ad platform, used primarily by local advertisers.

In May, comScore noted that Facebook surpassed former impression champion Yahoo in impressions served in the first quarter with 176 billion, or 16.2% of all display impressions. However, the average CPM of Facebook ads is $0.56, compared to the general rate of $2.43.

eMarketer estimates that non-US revenue will grow from $165 million in 2009 to $450 million in 2010 and $700 million in 2011. Worldwide revenue is expected to increase to $1.760 billion in 2011. The latest rumor regarding an IPO comes from Bloomberg, which says the company is waiting till 2012 so it can grow more.


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