Discount Dectectin’ With The Dealmap


mobiledeals_small.jpgADOTAS – My handy-dandy deal detector is pocket-sized: say I’m on the hunt for lunch and don’t feel like paying $10 for a sandwich, chips and a drink (pretty standard in the NYC financial district). I pull out my iPhone, open Loopt Star for its discounter detector or the recently launched Dealmap app and the offers come screaming through 3G (which in NYC can be kinda slow).

The Dealmap offers access to 350,000 deals each day across the U.S. and the United Kingdom through 100 daily deal sources. Users can take advantage
filters for 10 business categories (e.g., restaurants, automotive) and eight types of deals (discount, free stuff).

Advertisers can quickly add deals (with photos) and incentives to the platform, while users can share deals spotted on the street (such as a sign in a window) with others. Deal sharing can also be propagated through Facebook and Twitter.

The Dealmap also announced it has signed distribution agreements with travel guide Wcities, local news aggregator Topix and event notifier Aloqa. The company offers an API for developers to add Dealmap content to their apps and mobile sites; through signing a commercial agreement, they can monetize such offers.

Frankly hunting down a deal using an app like Dealmap seems more enticing than Foursquare’s “consumerism is a game” check-in services, which sometimes include offers from retailers. But it could be a matter of preference as I’m not much for gaming (more for rocking!). Do you think consumers will prefer a deal detector over a check-in game? Or will they use both somewhat evenly (or not at all)?



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