Conductor’s SEO Train Accelerates


searchADOTAS – Across the nation, the orbs glow, waiting for the aliens to return and harvest their larvae from the bowels of unsuspecting humans… Oh, wait a minute — wrong orbs.

Across the nation, the orbs glow, signaling SEO status for more than 50 companies that have signed up with Conductor’s Searchlight SEO management software since its launch in June. Conductor’s impressive growth clocks in at 1858.7% over the last three years, according to Inc. magazine, and earned it the 145th slot on the magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing companies.

Now former Experian Hitwise General Manager and Head of Client Services Keith Pepper is joining Conductor’s executive team as senior vice president of customer success. The company assigns “success teams” to new clients to provide technological and strategic support.

Recently Internet Retailer Magazine selected Conductor to contribute an SEO effectiveness score to every retailer on its annual Internet Retailer Top 500 and Search Marketing Guides.

Conductor calculated the score via three core competencies — resources, analytics, keyword visibility — to give each company a ranking of “excellent,” “good,” “fair,” or “poor.” Read more about the evaluation system on Conductor’s blog.


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