BrightEdge Ups SEO Ante With Analytics


searchADOTAS – Comparing search engine optimization ROI with pay-per-click? Email marketing? On the same page? That’s pure fantasy!

Well BrightEdge says it’s possible. A month and a half after catapulting its SEO management software into the public realm, BrightEdge has souped up the platform with Connect, which allows clients to integrate web analytic tools.

In effect, marketing teams will be able to analyze SEO results side-by-side with those less elusive channels, providing a more holistic view of marketing efforts.

“We are now bringing SEO into the chief marketing officer’s dashboard,” said Jim Yu, founder and CEO of BrightEdge. “With BrightEdge Connect, organic search is finally a first-class marketing channel that can be accurately measured against all other web programs, allowing companies to focus on those initiatives that deliver the best results.”


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