Bizo Signs Up With NAI to Push Targeting Education


thumbs_small.jpgADOTAS – Congratulations are in order for both B2B targeting network Bizo and the Network Advertising Initiative. In addition to its membership in the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Bizo gets a big thumbs up for signing up with another association dedicated to educating consumers about targeted online advertising.

However, it could be argued that NAI gets more out of the deal, since CEO Russell Glass is quite the thought leader when it comes to transparency and online targeting. On Adotas alone he has written fantastic columns about why online targeting is nothing to be feared, and how it’s certainly not nearly as scary as offline targeting.

“Although we have been 100% NAI compliant since our inception in 2008, data collection and privacy have been getting a lot of attention lately due to some negative press, and we’ve decided to throw our support behind organizations that are pushing for more consumer education,” Glass added on the Bizo blog.

Glass has written some other great stories on online targeting that can be found here.


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