Survey: Brands Appearing Top in Online Search Bought Offline


shopping_smallADOTAS – I love consumer studies because so read like reports on bizarre cultures with mystifying rituals and traditions … ‘Cause it’s not like the people that wrote the report and conducted the anthropological field surveys are consumers themselves — no, not at all.

Searchandise Commerce partnered with iProspect and comScore to examine how the mystical online search tool is used in the “shopping” ritual of this strange consumer culture. While consumers are more likely to purchase offline, most begin their search online and rate higher the first brands that appear from the query.

Two-thirds of consumers begin the shopping process online through a combination of search engine and site searches and cited the top 10 to 15 results as holding the most weight and being the most relevant to their searches. Shoppers on average consult about four websites for price and feature information. However, half of them go and convert offline.

Of the 19% of shoppers who enter the sales funnel via a retail site, 40% purchase from the site while half complete their transaction in the physical store. Of the 18% that start on a search engine, 37% move on to a retail site and half of them purchase from the site.


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