StrongMail Turns Acquisitions Into Social Media Agency


crowd_small.jpgADOTAS – Back in April, StrongMail Senior Director of Strategic Services Kara Trivunovic shared a case study that detailed the benefits of smelting email and social media campaigns. Now StrongMail is taking its email-social media smoothie to the next level through two acquisitions and the introduction of a new internal agency.

The Silicon-Valley based email marketer has combined recently purchased New York-based interactive agencies Conversa Marketing and Magnetik with its existing strategic services team to form ThreadMarketing, a new e-mail and social consumer relationship agency. With the acquisitions, StrongMail will also have a New York office.

Conversa and Magnetik bring to the table marketing services as diverse as email and social media marketing to web design and CRM. ThreadMarketing will be helmed by Michael Della Penna, the former CEO of Conversa, and will feature Magnetik cofounders Will Kunkel and Doug Steinberg as creative directors.

In addition to email and social media campaign execution and management tools, ThreadMarketing will provide services such as strategic consulting and persona development, monitoring and community management.

“As consumers embrace social media, mobile and other emerging channels, email remains the critical foundation for nurturing each customer relationship,” said StrongMail CEO Sam Cece. “[B]ut for marketers to be truly effective in each channel they need the right tools and expertise — and that’s exactly what ThreadMarketing provides,”


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