Scout Finds Who’s Engaged and Why


target_small.jpgADOTAS – It’d be really nice if a publisher could just tap a visitor on the shoulder and ask, “Hey pal, thanks for coming. Are you engaged? With the site, I mean, I’m not trying to ask you out or anything. Would you rate your engagement as high or low?”

OK, that could be creepy. Bypassing that kind of awkwardness is Scout Analytics, builder of behavioral analytic tools for publishers including the recently introduced dashboard.

Using segment prediction technology that identifies the level of engagement (high/low) of targeting attributes in each site visitor, the dashboard doles out Demand Ratings for both visitors and entire segments. These tools can be used to measure visitor loyalty as well as make predictions about reach and frequency.

“In targeting, there are two important variables: who and what,” said Matt Shanahan, SVP of strategy for Scout Analytics. “Scout Analytics Dashboard fills a critical gap in optimizing performance of publishers’ campaigns. It answers the questions of ‘who is engaged and why?’”


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