Quick Hits: ROI Optimizer From Turn, comScore Upgrades Video Metrix

Inplace #2

punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Turn has introduced the ROI Optimizer, which allows advertisers to turn on multiple tracking beacons — such as online consumer events and shopping cart transactional data — and assign specific values and metrics to each to optimize spend.

comScore has released the next generation of its online video measurement service, Video Metrix 2.0. New metrics include average daily unique viewers, viewing sessions, percentage of ads by videos viewed, percentage of ads by time spent viewing video, ads per content video and content minutes per ad minute. In addition the software offers the ability to filter viewing activity between ads and content as well as rank video ad networks by actual reach rather than potential.

Retargeting is so hot that it’s gone social — when a potential fan visits your Facebook fan page, ReTargeter.com can follow that users with banners informing him or her which friends also like the page. The unit allows for the user to hit “Like” then and there.