LucidMedia Gets Pre-Emptive With Brand Safety


armor.jpgADOTAS – So what do you say when you realize you served a brand’s ad on a website dedicated to hate speech or explicit sexual acts? How about hate speech spoken during explicit sexual acts?

“Sorry about that — won’t happen again!” I’m sure that goes over great.

Nah, being preventive is the only solution in a space with unsavory content crawling from every corner — hence why ad-blocking is all the rage these days.

The latest player to introduce preemptive brand safety capabilities is DSP LucidMedia, which uses its patented ClickSense contextual advertising technology developed over the last 10 years to pre-screen ad inventory and label potentially offensive impressions in advance.

Advertisers set criteria and sensitivity levels around LucidMedia’s tens of thousands of categories for detecting potentially illicit content — anything from porn and profanity to drugs and derogatory speech.

“Preemptive protection for brand advertisers is hard to do,” said founder and CEO Ajay Sravanapudi, “but we believe it’s absolutely critical for advertisers and agencies to have this capability, especially for traditional big brands to more fully trust and embrace online advertising while increasing efficiency.”


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