Knotice Enhances Its Mobile Direct Platform


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – “The explosive growth of mobile marketing, combined with rapid smartphone adoption by consumers, has paved the way for marketers to better engage consumers while they are on the go,” says Knotice CEO and cofounder Brian Deagan. And to keep up with this explosive growth, the direct marketing software builder has added a slew of new mobile functions to its Concentri platform.

Integrated device recognition tools, which are updated as new devices enter the mobile sphere, optimize web content and emails for both visitors and subscribers. In addition, the recognition technology is used to give device details within analytics reports.

The updated software allows users to insert content not hosted in Concentri’s content management system into email, web and mobile direct marketing campaigns. Concentri also facilitates the building of device-specificmobile websites and email templates while now tracking real-time SMS conversations between consumers and brands in its mobile analytics.


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