iVdopia Seizes the Future With HTML5 Authoring Tool


writer_smallADOTAS – Possibly the biggest shocker in the iAd pileup at the starting gate is that Apple needs six to eight weeks to process creative received from advertisers. Please, says Saurabh Bhatia, co-founder and chief business officer of mobile video and rich media ad network iVdopia: We can get the HTML5 together in three to five business days, sometimes as little as 24 hours.

Oh and iVdopia isn’t going to demand you spend a million bucks. Is it a low-rent iAd? No, not at all.

Future5, iVdopia’s just-introduced HTML5 authoring tool, enables users to create less expensive, rich media mobile ads that can used for all mobile platforms, not just Apple devices. Unlike other solutions such as Greystripe’s iFlash, which translates Flash into HTML5 when serving an ad to Apple mobile devices, Bhatia considers the solution more akin to a Flash alternative.

iVdopia has been on the forefront of many mobile ad developments, including introducing the ability for users to access an ad and stay in an application — back in March 2009. The company has working with HTML5 internally for nine to 10 months, but “we never talked about it,” Bhatia says. “We thought, ‘Yes, we are doing it and it’s a cool thing.'”

However, after Apple proposed changes to its developer licensing agreement that banned Flash from its mobile devices, iVdopia decided to publicize its fluency with Steve Jobs’ preferred format.

Apple’s distaste for Flash has been a real drag for advertisers, especially as the lack of HTML5 toolkits make for a lot of manual work — “You still have to code everything,” Bhatia laments.

Future5 automate numerous processes to establish a toolkit for effects — animations, screen wipes, video rolodexes and links to a company’s website and social media stops. In addition, iVdopia provides measurement tools for social media engagement.

Feedback from advertisers, even ones developing iAd campaigns, has been very positive and competing ad networks have talked iVdopia into licensing the tech.

Another benefit of Future5, Bhatia notes, is that authoring within the software ensures creative remains in the control of agencies and brands, compared to Apple’s insistence to intrude with iAd production.

Also unlike iAds — at least till November — Future5 is immediately available for the iPad.


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