iAd: Another Revolution for Apple’s Trophy Case?


appleADOTAS – Between grunts about a $1 million floor and its single platform, there was plenty of whispers from all mobile players that the iAd might truly legitimize the space — particularly in the eyes of major advertisers.

Traversing the digital advertising landscape, you’ll hear one crowd claim that mobile advertising has been kicking ass and taking names for years while another says mobile consistently fails to live up to its promise. But it looks like the iAd has been a boon for most players in the space since its launch — or really since its announcement.

Apparently independent mobile ad network Greystripe, which recently partnered with Adobe for multiplatform iFlash ads that it boasts are comparable to iAds at a fraction of the cost, has sold all its inventory to premium campaigns every month since the April unveiling of the Apple’s ad product. CEO Michael Chang told ClickZ that compares last year’s premium campaign fill rate of around 50%.

And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: the launch of the mobile version of Automobile Magazine is sponsored by Cadillac, which is making use of mobile app network Zumobi’s BrandBlast 2.0 “app-within-an-app” technology. Cadillac ads within expand to in-app microsites that Zumobi claims is as high-quality as the app itself and doesn’t require the user to exit. Rich media within the app allows users to view photos, locate dealers and respond to surveys.

I have an iPhone and I haven’t seen one iAd. However, it seems like merely the idea of the iAd was a catalyst for a revolution. Considering that Apple revolutionized the mobile world in 2007 with the iPhone and may have done it again in 2010 with the iPad, it’s not a leap to suggest it’s done the same with iAd.


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